Investing in quality. Investing in the environment. Investing in the future.

Deanswood have spent £55,000 in recent months update and investing in new machinery. 

We have replaced most of our sewing machines with energy efficient machines. Using ¼ of the power of the old machines, we are doing our bit in conserving our environment.  The machines are computer controlled allowing a number of labour saving options, leading to a better quality of machine stitching. 

Coming in at just under 5m in length, our new conveyorized sewing machine is our biggest investment to date.  The clever use of a moving clamp, conveyor belt and suction allows us to join fabrics hands-free accurately, in a fraction of the time of our regular sewing machines. 

Our new semi-automatic cutting and laying machine has increased our efficiency in the cutting department.  By producing a clean square cut each time, we are able to reduce wastage and slightly reduce the quantity of fabric required. 

With the use of all our latest machinery, we are able to deliver work of the highest quality, at the lowest cost to our clients, whilst retaining the use of the traditional skills in which we pride ourselves.