Close the blinds before going home.

For those that are unfortunate and do not work in an air-conditioned environment, much like us here at Deanswood, we must find other solutions to battle the rising temperatures of the summer months. During this period, most people have a tendency to open blinds and windows to let in as much airflow as possible, which isn’t always the best answer.

However, what we have found at Deanswood is that by the end of the day as people are going home, windows are being closed but not the blinds. Most of us have heard of the “Glass House Effect”. With sun rising at 5am at this time of year, there are 4 hours worth of sunlight hitting the glass of your windows before most of us have even started work.

Just by following this simple tip, when you arrive at work the next morning you will notice how much cooler the office is.

Deanswood are experts in solar control and can offer you advice in the best product for you to reduce Solar Gain and reduce glare. Click here for further information.

For more information about Solar Gain, download our Guidance Notes.