Joint Managing Director

David has overall responsibility of the factory, all production staff, finance and administration. David ensures that the Quality System is followed and all products are ready for agreed delivery dates. Apart from a break for 6 years he has worked for Deanswood since 1990.


Joint Managing Director

Keith has overall responsibility for sales and final installation. With his team of fitters and contract manager he ensures we fulfil the design brief of our customers. Keith trained as an upholsterer when he left school and joined Deanswood in 1988.


Senior Contracts Manager

Tony started as a fitter many years ago and is now very busy running the company’s contracts section. Tony is responsible for running projects from the start through to final installation and completion.

His time is spent with office work and much time is on site ensuring that all our work meets with the very high standards set by the Quality System and the ethos of Deanswood is carried through.


Supervisor Hard Blinds and Tracks

Michaela has been with Deanswood for 24 years and is currently the Supervisor for Blinds and Tracks. Michaela ensures Roller blinds, Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds and tracks are completed and ready to be delivered to the site on time.


Company Administrator

Sandra started with the company in 1985 as a curtains maker, leaving and returning a few times to raise a family.

Sandra moved into the office in February 2013 and is responsible for keeping the accounts books up to date and maintaining the all important production database that tells us the progress of each project.


Supervisor Curtains and Soft Furnishings

Sally Lewis has been working at Deanswood for almost 30 years, only breaking her service to have 3 children.

Sally started as a curtain maker and learnt the many aspects of soft furnishings and has been at the forefront of running the factory as supervisor for the last 12 years. Sally’s responsibility is to oversee the making of all the soft furnishing products and that they leave our workroom on time and of the highest quality.

Sally along with the David Porter also concentrates on training the next level of young curtain makers that will eventually run the company as guardians of the ethos that runs through Deanswood.


Clients’ Fabric Controller

Natasha has been working at Deanswood for 10 years.

She started as a curtain maker and now has the very important responsibility of checking all fabrics when they arrive, which she then cuts for the whole workroom.

Natasha assists Sally, the supervisor, with quality control and helps in the workroom when needed.