7,000 projects- and still counting.

From 250,000sq offices to a two bedroom Cotswold cottage, a Canadian ski chalet to a Caribbean villa- we have worked on a multitude of different projects with vastly different scopes. A few case studies can be explored here.


Curved Walls

We recently had an unusual job in Chelsea, London. The apartment had tall, curved walls in its main living area. This required curtains to be set into the ceiling which meant the equipment used, on which to hang the curtains, matched the curve. In addition, the tracking had to be set into the ceiling and had to be a certain distance along the entire length of the wall.

Interfacing to Home Automation

We find that many projects now require some form of Home Automation, and our experience is that this is happening even more frequently. Our relationship with many home automation companies means that we have used many systems to interface with our curtains and blinds over the recent years. We like to believe we have the appropriate knowledge and are linked to the right partners to find the correct answer to any question.

We Also Love the Flamboyant

We are often asked questions such as: “Can you do xyz?”. Surprisingly, so far we have always been able to provide a satisfactory answer. Even if some interior designers may call the request, “yesterday’s designs”. To the request, Do you make ‘Swags and Tails’? We have to thank our longevity (forty plus years) for the answer.That is not to say we do not have the modern idiom within our range – we pride ourselves in also being at the forefront of home automation.


M Restaurant

The many award winning ‘M’ Restaurants have now been awarded “Best London Steak Restaurant 2017”. They had a requirement to create a special VIP area to be available when needed. The problem was twofold, high ceilings with a flimsy plasterboard ceiling fitting.

Deanswood manufactured two storey high curtains which were quite heavy and required careful consideration of how the plasterboard celling would take the load. We used Silent Gliss cubicle curtain track with the special “V” hangers to evenly distribute the load. The result; perfectly running curtains.

Alpha Plus Schools

Deanswood Interiors manufacture blinds that conform to EU standard 13120 and are child safe. We found that the child safety device incorporated in the blinds makes the operation a little more labour intensive. We had to solve this difficulty as we had an imminent order to install large quantity of blinds for a regular client.

Google Offices – London

Google moved into bigger space in an office complex in London. Almost immediately there were problems. Staff could not see their computer screens, a real problem for those that were at their computers most of the day. Our findings were that the blinds being used were not able to remove the sun’s glare.

Another problem; the owners of the building insisted that the exterior of the building look uniform and therefore the blinds had to match the existing style and colour. After a thorough investigation we found the best answer was a suitable reflective fabric of the right colour to matched the existing blinds. This approach satisfied both the owners of the building and allowed the staff to their day to day work – job done!