Deanswood are transforming curtains and blinds into intelligent devices, seamlessly integrating with your Smart home.

We are pleased to announce our new motorized blinds and curtain tracks.

Whether at home or at work, Smart technology connects products and services such as lighting, heating and audio. Complete the picture by integrating Smart by Silent Gliss –
transforming your curtains and blinds into intelligent devices.  Built in two-way communication gives these additional benefits:-

Avoid excessive glare by allowing the control system to open and close the blinds according to the level of sunlight throughout the day.

Schedule your curtains to open and close at particular times of the day with the option to adjust them at any point.

Operate your window shading from the same devices that control your lights, heating and audio.

On warm days your blinds can close automatically to help avoid overheating, or on cooler days to prevent heat loss.

Whether on holiday or at work, your window treatments can move automatically giving the impression you’re home.

Pre-programmed scenes move your blinds and curtains to create the perfect atmosphere.